May 11, 2016


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Anthony Colson is the founder and editor of Reclaimd Magazine. One of his first guests was Phil Cooke. Yes that Phil Cooke, film maker, producer who’s produced media programming in nearly 50 countries around the world. Antony continues to get guests for his magazine that are at the top of their fields.

Anthony has a heart to serve those around him and believes in using his creativity to help steward his gifts to the world. Go on by his website read the premiere issue of Reclaimd and become a subscriber. He talks about using all of our gifts to help change culture and bring the Kingdom here on earth.

Here’s what it says about Reclaimd on his site: “Reclaimd Magazine is the home magazine of the modern revivalist. If you are passionate about stewarding revival and the Kingdom of God into the cultural context then welcome home.” It’s a gorgeous magazine that’s delivered straight to your inbox each month.

April 24, 2016


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Randy Hartman is a pastor, husband, grandfather and writer. He epitomizes what it means to finish well. After 30 years as a lead pastor he now helps churches in transition as a interim pastor. He says on his website…”Join me in exploring life after 55. This stage in life is the land of opportunity. Others may want to sit around and relive the past. Not me. Let’s move forward. I believe life after 55 can yield the richest treasures of the journey.”

You can read more of his transition story here.

His writing has been featured on The Huffington Post, Good Men Project, and he is a featured contributor on Sixty and Me



April 11, 2016


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Dave Adamson is a husband, dad, disciple & Social Media Pastor at North Point Church in Atlanta. He is a cofounder of That Church Conference. He is also an awesome photographer who created the Bible in photos dot com.

He’s better known as Aussie Dave on Instagram. He was born in Australia. Dave never thought he’d be a pastor or even a sportscaster but he has been both. He was a sportscaster to Australia’s equivalent of ESPN. He shares how he almost became a sportscaster at ESPN.

He now runs all the social media at North Point Church in Atlanta. Dave shares how to use social media not as a broadcast or advertising tool but one that the church or anyone can use to create conversations with those they serve.


March 28, 2016


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Mike McHargue (better known as Science Mike) is an author, podcaster, and speaker focused on the science behind spiritual experiences. Mike lost his faith via atheism as an adult, but rediscovered God in cosmology and neuroscience–a journey that lead to his life’s mission: helping people reconcile their faith with modern science.

He hosts a weekly podcast called Science Mike where he answers questions from people who share questions they’ve always been afraid to ask about science, faith, and life. He also hosts another podcast he cofounded with Michael Gunger of the award winning band Gungor. called the The Liturgists. It’s a podcast that examines “topics through the lenses of science, art, and faith with a commitment to open, honest discussions.”

Mike loves pastors and the church, he is one the most encouraging voices today.

March 21, 2016


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John Lynch is a husband, father, grandfather, writer, author and pastor. He exudes grace. He is with the team at Truefaced and he is the teaching pastor at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix Az.

Here’s what his author bio says “Since 1997, John has been speaking nationally with the Truefaced team, often acting out the popular Two Roads message and delivering compelling talks of living out of new identity. He is currently also a co-designer and a primary faculty member in Truefaced’s newly developed Trust One Center online campus and their Life Application Courses.”

John not only lives a life of grace each day but he gives that grace to those round him. His message mirrors that of the ragamuffin himself Brennan Manning. John talks about his journey to faith and living a life where you take off the masks we all put on at times. Here’s a quote from his book The Cure about the masks we wear,  “No one told me that when I wear a mask, only my mask receives love.”

March 15, 2016


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Van Baird is a husband, father, writer and the founder of Relational Eq dot com. He’s also a cofounder of That Church Conference. A conference that “would empower and change the way churches thought about digital communications and reaching people online.”

He’s taken what he’s learned in the insurance industry and translated that into the ministry world. Here’s what he says about relational equity: “The Relational Equity model exists to teach your organization to use digital platforms to be personal, intentional, purposeful, and eager to create relationships using what your people are sharing online.”

From Van’s website: “After much prodding from friends and fellow business owners, he created Relational Equity. Inspired by Bob Goff’s book “Love Does,” Van has been teaching thousands of people how to be about the person in front of them, both in person and online.”

Van is one the best at using this tool we call social media. What he does is beautiful and gospel driven.


March 8, 2016


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Steve Austin is a husband, father, writer and a former pastor. His story is one of God’s magnificent grace. He has survived a suicide attempt. By sharing his story of living with depression and his failed attempt to take his life he’s given hope to others to face their challenges as well.

He’s written for many publications including The Huffington Post and the Good Men Project. Here’s what he says about himself on his website. “I write about the messiness of grace, finding Christ in the midst of mental illness, the struggles with childhood trauma and the ordinary,powerful ways God heals us. You may also hear about my foibles in fathering, see me gush over my kids, or brag on my wonderful wife. I’ll also probably complain about how it sucks to be a Christian right now, but how I’m doing it anyway.”


March 1, 2016


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Ken Wytsma is a husband and father of four. He is the author of The Grand Paradox, Pursuing Justice and his latest book Create vs Copy. Ken is the founder and pastor of Antioch Church in Bend Oregon. He is also the founder of the Justice Conference; tackling injustice in our world …“Now, more than ever, people of faith need to come together to wrestle with the injustice in our world.” The Justice Conference

Today we talk about his new book Create vs Copy. It’s an exploration of creativity through the eyes of theology. It’s one the best books on creativity I’ve ever read (and it’s short, easily read in an afternoon). Really just get the book. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to embrace a life of creativity of which we are all created for, because God is creative and we’re created in His image therefore we are all creative.

I encourage you to visit Ken’s website where you can find further resources for Create vs Copy and more about Ken’s ministry.


January 25, 2016


Justin Dean is the founder of Doxa Media Group. He is a husband, father, writer, blogger, and speaker. Before founding DOXA Media Group He served as the Communications Director for Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Doxa Media helps to equip and train churches and ministries to help use the right tools to communicate well and stay on mission.  He is also the founder of the Ministry Communicators Association, a non-profit organization offering low-cost marketing and communications services for churches.

Justin shares his story and insight of how to communicate and live well in our connected world. His, That Church Conference is in it’s second year in Atlanta Georgia and a one day intensive in Chicago Ill.

I would encourage you if need help in communications Justin and Doxa Media is where you should go.

November 2, 2015


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William Vanderbloemen is the founder of the Vanderbloemen Search group and author of Next: Pastoral Succession That Works.

William is a former pastor who was troubled that a fortune 500 company could replace a CEO in a matter of days or weeks, but a church took 18- 24 months, many times with conflict, division, and pain.

He asked why should it be that way for God’s church.  So he founded The Vanderbloemen Search Group to tackle this very important need in any church.

His book Next, is the best book on pastoral succession, it should be on every pastors book shelf.